Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Power of Networks

I don't often make a recommendation here, but I'm going to do it today. Forbes, the business magazine, put their 90th anniversary issue on the stands this week. I picked up my copy on Friday.

The entire issue is devoted to "The Power of Networks," and it contains 28 articles by cutting edge entrepreneurs on what we can expect in the future.

Quotes from a few of the contributors:

"The Internet is the most significant tool for building democracy since the invention of the printing press." Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

"Social networking allows thinly distributed groups to discover one another and to make common cause." Vinton Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the Internet.

"Packages will become 'smarter.' That is, they'll be able to communicate to FedEx if their environments become too hot or too cold, or if light has penetrated the package, indicating a possible security breach." Frederick W. Smith, chairman and chief executive of FedEx.

"YouTube represents the first time media has become truly democratic for both the audience and the content creators. For the big established entertainment companies it's also an opportunity. It lowers the risk in taking on new talent. We believe YouTube is helping the big media companies expand their audience and stay relevant in a marketplace that is changing quickly. The site allows both sides to exploit a low-cost entry, a vast worldwide audience and an unlimited supply of entertaining content. It's the ultimate audition venue." Chad Hurley, cofounder and chief executive of You Tube.

"[U]ser-generated video puts political power back in the hands of everyday people. The defining ad of this upcoming political cycle may not be produced by a group of Beltway campaign hands or even this election's version of the Swift Boat Veterans--it will come from a young person with a $100 digital camera and Final Cut software." Chris DeWolfe, cofounder and chief executive of MySpace.

"This virtual world, where 3-D software and broadband networking let you download a small application that transports you to the surface of a new planet, is a digital re-creation of reality, where everything you see, like the Web, is owned and created by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world . . . It's a place where real companies and real entrepreneurs can try out new product designs, hold press conferences and get feedback from customers. You can go on to Second Life and test-drive a Toyota Scion." Philip Rosedale, founder and chief executive of Linden Lab, which produces Second Life.

"Old media can survive--and thrive--in this new environment, but they must adapt. We must learn how younger generations of consumers prefer to receive their news and entertainment, and we must meet those expectations." Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp.

You can sample the articles online here.


Omar Cruz said...
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MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I really like what you mention over at Snark's about blogging and how it was hard for you in the beginning. Was looking to find info on your novel here, but couldn't see a link right away, so I'll be back...

Maya Reynolds said...

Hi, Mom: I've seen you commenting on other blogs as well. Welcome.

My book will not be released until September 4. Although you can find the placeholder on Amazon and Borders right now by searching my name, I have not yet provided a link because I'm waiting for the bookcover to be posted.

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Sherry A Davis said...

Again, Maya -- awesome article! I'm getting a little addicted to your blog :)

Glad your electricity is back on. And all is well.

Maya Reynolds said...

Sherry: Thanks for stopping by again. I'm always glad to see you.

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