Friday, December 02, 2005

Keep An Eye Out For This Lady

My good friend and critique partner, Jeanne Laws, has her website up and running. Check it out at

Jeanne writes shapeshifter romances, and I do mean romances. She tells love stories, not sexcapades. One of the benefits of being her critique partner is that I get to read her stories first.

Jeanne is the editor of the Passionate Ink newsletter and is scheduled to write an article on shapeshifters for an upcoming LARA (RWA's L.A. chapter) newsletter. She recently finaled in the CONNections contest.

Keep an eye out for the name Jeanne Laws. You'll be seeing more of her.


Sloane Taylor said...

Thanks for the info, Maya. Jeanne is an excellent writer and I'm happy to hear her sites live.

And thank you for all the other information you've shared. It amazes me how you search out all this important data. You're providing a very interesting service.

Maya said...

Thanks, Sloane. I'm happy to be associated with such talented people as the Brazen Hussies.