Monday, June 05, 2006

A Gift To You

Yesterday began the one-month countdown until the Capitol Steps perform one of their quarterly shows on public radio. Because they are so wonderful, I am going to tell you all about them now so that you can begin looking forward to the show, too.

According to their biography, the Capitol Steps began 25 years ago when a group of Senate staffers set out to satirize their employers. What began as an amusing way to entertain their friends turned into a professional troupe of thirty satirists and musicians who perform around the country and do four shows on public radio a year.

Their hallmark is to take an issue (political, social or just newsworthy), set it to music with a well-known song and let fly. They're equal opportunity offenders, going after both parties and all social strata with abandon.

Here's one of their ditties about Hillary Clinton (set to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "My Way"):

Hillary begins:

And now my time is here.
For Bill's career,
I was the right spouse.

My friends, one thing is clear.
If I should hope
To win the White House.

My past is not my own.
All hopes were blown
In such a "guy" way.

Still it's not fair.
If I declare,
He'll be in my way.

Bill chimes in with his own verse:

Well, I
Did things
I ought
Not have done

And am I sorry?
You bet.
Cause I got caught
When I said things
To that grand jury

Regrets, I have a few
Like leaving clues
The DNA way.
I stood tall,
I did 'em all
Don't care what they weighed.

Then they sing in chorus:

Hillary: Now all that's done,
Stick in a fork

Bill: I'm just the spouse
Of Miss New York.

And if I cross my Hillary
She'll treat me like a dog
You'll see.

Hillary: To keep him here,
To save my career
I'll see that he's spayed.

Visit their website ( to listen to an audio download, to buy an album or to check what station you can listen to their upcoming show on.

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