Saturday, December 09, 2006

Truth In Advertising

Update: My neighbor emailed me this photo about four days ago, telling me he'd caught my cat with his camera.
My large black cat, Bobbin, often chases the smaller kitten, Dinah, under the fence into the next yard. Bobbin, being so large, cannot follow her through the space. I've often watched Bob looking under the fence at Dinah--safe on the other side or seen Dinah peeking back through the fence to see where Bob was.

Since his family frequently photographs my cats, I absolutely believed my neighbor's story. However, after I posted this photo, his wife emailed me to say he was pulling my leg.

Sorry. I'm going back on vacation now until December 28. I need it.


Sloane Taylor said...

Maya, this is priceless! It would make a fun greeting card for lovers. Thanks for posting it.

Maya Reynolds said...

Thank you, Sloane.

Audrey Shaffer said...

That's a great pic Maya. At first glance my brain said "What?" which made me laugh all the harder when it sank in. :)

Maya Reynolds said...

I know what you mean, Audrey. When my neighbor emailed the photo to me, I did the same thing.

Bob (the body) is all black. Dinah (the head) is actually black-and-white. She is colored like Shamu the whale. Her lower jaw, chin, chest and four paws are white. If you look carefully, you can see her white lower jaw.

Emjay said...

Great job, but you can spot the photoshopping if you're looking for it.

It's still a very cute picture.