Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stuck at the Prom

Sorry to have been gone for so long. My day job just had to take precedence.

Today is my first day off since we rolled out our new software. I've been napping and catching up on Internet news.

Just for fun: check out this year's contestants for the Stuck at the Prom annual duct tape competition. The rules require that two people create prom attire from colored duct tape and then attend the prom wearing their original creations. The ten 2009 finalists have now been selected, and you can vote once a day for the ones you believe should win from now until July 2.

Each half of the winning couple for the year receive a $3,000 scholarshop; each half of the second place couple win a $2,000 scholarship; and each half of the third place couple receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Here is the page to vote on the finalists for this year. I'm voting for #36, #87 and #179.

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