Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Get Fuzzy

I have to confess one of my secret passions is a comic strip by the name of Get Fuzzy. The strip recently celebrated its tenth anniversary in syndication.

Get Fuzzy follows the ongoing antics of the pets in the household of a Boston man named Rob Wilco. Rob has a dog named Satchel Pooch and a Siamese cat named Bucky Katt. Rob does not appear alarmed by the fact that both animals can talk.

Satchel is sweet and dumb while Bucky is cynical and mean. Much of Bucky's malevolence is directed toward Fungo, the ferret who lives next door. Bucky is constantly hatching plots to destroy Fungo, who always outwits him.

Here are two recent strips featuring Bucky's ongoing battle with the ferret. Click on each one to enlarge it.

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Sharon said...

This strip is a family favorite. Bucky has been at the top of his game lately.