Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The New World of Self-Publishing

The Huffington Post is doing a very interesting series on self-publishing in the modern world of publishing. Sometimes the stories are original with THP and sometimes they link to another article elsewhere.

Here are some I'd recommend:

2/23/10 Breaking Down Doors: My Self-Publishing Story
3/3/10 Self-Publishing Options Explode
3/4/10 John Edgar Wideman, Literary Lion, Chooses Lulu Over Traditional Publishers
3/8/10 Publishing: Taking the Power Back
3/9/10 Amidst eBook Frenzy, Print-On-Demand Is Quietly Thriving

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Jesse said...

Hi Maya,

I just now catching up on my reading. Thanks for the Huffington Post articles and links. From what I could gather, POD and eBooks are poised to dismantle the traditional publishing and book distribution model. The situation leaves me with mixed emotions, but ultimately I think the big publishing houses and the big book stores have managed to shoot themselves in their proverbial feet.