Monday, March 06, 2006

"Bad Girl" Contest Results

On February 22, I announced a contest.

I submitted a novella entitled You've Been a Bad Girl to my agent. Jacky loved the story, and asked me to think about writing a couple of more stories using the "bad girl" theme.

I explained that I was finding it difficult to develop plot ideas for bad girls who would ALSO be sympathetic to readers. I offered a $25 Amazon gift certificate for the person who could come up with the best idea for a bad girl heroine. The contest ran from 2/22 to 3/3.

Frankly, I was floored by the variety and ingenuity of the plot ideas I received. As you might expect, there were a number of duplicate ideas. The most common theme was the "stripper with a good heart." I received quite a few entries that put different spins on that idea.

The second most common theme centered around a bad girl who was a thief of some kind--either an accidental or an impulsive thief.

I really had a hard time choosing. What it finally came down to were the themes that I thought were most viable for a fresh and unusual erotic romance.

I ended up picking, not just one, but three story ideas: gold, silver and bronze, if you will.

Here are the winners:

First Prize goes to Ellen W. for an ingenious gender-bending plot. Ellen wins a $25 gift certificate to

Second Prize goes to McKenna O. for a clever twist on the bad girl thief plot. McKenna wins a $15 gift certificate to e-Bay.

Third Prize goes to Grace W. for an idea involving an extra-marital affair and a double-cross. Grace wins a $10 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

All three winners will have the option to name the heroes and heroines in "their" stories.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I had great fun reading the entries. There are people in the blogosphere with very twisted, devious minds. :)

I will contact each of the winners in the next 24 hours.

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