Sunday, March 05, 2006

My New Favorite Thing

Every once in a while, I encounter something (or someone) and know instantly, "I'm hooked." Whether it's a man, a novel or a website, I know.

When that happens, I make a decision right away: Take it slow! Otherwise, being the undisciplined soul that I am, I'll swallow it whole, wallow in it, and generally make an idiot of myself.

Fortunately, this doesn't happen often. The last time with a novel was when I discovered John Connolly, an Irish author of thrillers--mystery/horror thrillers. Starting with "Black Angel," I read four of his novels in a week. The last time with a website was when I discovered I was so preoccupied solving a puzzle that I nearly burned my house down when I left an untended pot of water on the stove to boil. The last time with a man, well, that's my own business.

This morning, my alarms went off when I discovered a new website: LibraryThing ( It's a system for online cataloging of your personal library. I was immediately hooked. So hooked that I've already imposed a limit on myself. I can ONLY add ten new books a day. Otherwise, like a crack addict stumbling onto a cache of drugs, I'll be lost in a virtual library forever.

I joined as "MayaReynolds." I entered the books I've recently read plus one favorite series. Each day I'll add another ten books.

Go visit LibraryThing. If you're a reader or a writer, I promise you'll be hooked, too.

Oh, yeah. Thanks to The Slush God for the blog that directed me to my new addiction.

Addendum: I waited until 11:00 PM CST Sunday night (when it was officially 3/7 EST) to go back in and add ten more books. I told you I had no control.


Karen said...

I saw this, and was immediately afraid. How do you stop at just 10??? lol

LibraryThing said...

Mmmm... 10 books.