Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Time to Celebrate

This has been a stressful week. I'm glad it's over. I've had all kinds of challenges (read here: crises) and opportunities for growth (read here: near-psychotic breakdowns).

I battled a flea epidemic and began putting together my first book proposal. I've already blogged about those so I'll just add that I lost the first go-round with the fleas and overslept and missed my RWA meeting for this month.

After staying away from my home for four hours earlier this week while the fogger took effect, I came home, confident that the little b*stards had been eradicated. Sat down at my computer and watched in horror as two fleas jumped on my forearm and danced a little Happy Dance before giving me the finger and hopping off.

I went roaring back to the store that had sold me the fogger only to be told that no pesticide can penetrate flea cocoons, which is why they recommend that you wait two weeks and re-fog. I wasn't having any. I asked if he was trying to tell me that the cocoons had matured in the forty-five minutes between when I got home, aired the house out and sat down at my computer. I'd become a flea connoissoisseur in a very short time and knew those two smart-*ss fleas were not immature babies.

Apparently, the sight of an enraged flea-bitten woman who had started the day with a cold shower (no water heater) was sufficiently intimidating that the salesclerk gave me my $25 back.

On Friday, I planned my strategy carefully. This time, instead of purchasing one box of four foggers, I employed two packages with a total of six foggers. Instead of staying gone for only four hours, I stayed away for six hours.

Got home Friday night, aired out the house, sat down at the computer and waited. Nothing. Thank God. I began to work.

About fifteen minutes later, a flea hopped on my forearm. I stared at him in utter disbelief. He staggered about an inch, saluted me and died. I almost cried with relief; my home was mine again. It smelled of pesticide, and I had no hot water, but it was all MINE.

A good thing happened during one of my enforced absences, I saw the new film, "Lucky Number Slevin." Reviews of the movie were mixed. Most described it as "stylish," but a number of reviewers found it self-important and a "con." I disagreed. For one thing, it has a hell of a cast: Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Stanley Tucci, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett. That cast could have recited the alphabet, and I'd have been happy. The movie opens with Bruce Willis describing a scam called "The Kansas City Shuffle." He says it's a con game with a body. Fair warning to my mind. I counted 21 bodies (not including the race horse). Although not as good as either, it reminded me of "Pulp Fiction" and "The Usual Suspects." I enjoyed it. And I didn't get bit once. That's something to celebrate.

Happy Easter and a Joyous Passover to everyone.

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