Monday, June 09, 2008

Customer Service Number

I found a number for Amazon customer service. It is:
1 (800) 201-7575. It is answered 24/7. They offer a menu of options. If you press 7, you'll get "all other options."

I called this morning at 6:30 and spoke to a lovely young lady. I told her my name and email address and asked her to pull up my ordering record. I told her that I would not purchase another book from Amazon until they stopped their strong-arm tactics of publishers.

She wanted to know which publisher I worked for. I told her I was way more powerful than a publisher. I was a READER, a reader who will no longer purchase books from and who intends to tell every reader I know what is going on with them.

She assured me she would pass the information along. I hope she does.


Peter L. Winkler said...

"She assured me she would pass the information along. I hope she does."

And you honestly think she will?


Maya Reynolds said...

Peter: You're back!

Interesting that you chose THAT one thing to focus on.

Think about it.

Peter L. Winkler said...

No doubt you'll interpret this comment as condescending, as you of course are free to, but given the choice of fruitlessly spending several hundred words analyzing your post, as I have in the past and a little flippancy, I chose the latter.

Since we disagree on many subjects, and some of my previous comments, which attempted to engage you in a serious discussion were never acknowledged, I see no reason to repeat myself at length.

I'm always up for a good discussion or even an argument, but that requires at least two willing participants.

Maya Reynolds said...

Peter: Nice try.

I spent two years trying to be polite and responsive in the face of your negative and frequently condescending comments. No more.

I'm at a loss to understand why you waste time continuing to read my blog. Go back to your boys' club.