Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Shopping? Buy Books

You have probably seen all the bad news around recent bookstore sales.

One of the things you can do to help the publishing industry is to give books as Christmas gifts.

To start you off on the right path, the New York Times had a list of the 100 Notable Books of 2008. Go here and start shopping.


Michele Lee said...

I've been doing a list of my top picks for the holiday season on my blog. Plus... I've spent over $50 in books already this month. Yes, I know it is the first.

The Belle in Blue said...

Warning: Shameless self promotion!

I have a story ("Hope Chest") in a new Christmas anthology titled CHRISTMAS IS A SEASON! 2008. It would make a great Christmas gift! :-)

lainey bancroft said...

Great new cover, Maya! Congrats!

(gave you the 'I love Your Blog' award a day or two ago, but I know you're tied up with work, just wanted you to know you'd earned it with all the great info you share)

mlh said...

Every time I come here, I have to look over at that book cover and smack my lips. It's great.