Monday, December 22, 2008

e Data Pro is Rude and Unprofessional

In the last month, I have noticed an increasing number of comments posted on my blog by someone calling herself Anesha.

Each comment is identical:
Hi Nice Blog.We are specializes in the implementation and management of high-volume, complex projects for data conversion services india. Using XML as a document representation format is of great benefit, and applies across industries.
She--if in fact she exists--is flacking a company in India called
e Data Pro.

Like most bloggers, I get these annoying ads from time to time. I could move to moderating posts to prevent them, but prefer not to do so. Usually I just delete the messages. But e Data Pro is becoming even more aggressive so I am fighting back.

Here’s my message to them:

Hey, Guys. You are obviously trying to get cheap advertising. It is backfiring. Your English is poor, and you are coming off as extremely unprofessional and rude. This morning, I have removed another three posts from you.

I am hoping that this blog post will now surface whenever someone looks you up in Google and have the reverse effect you are hoping for. I do not know about the quality of your service, but your English is atrocious, and your ethics are questionable. I sent a private email to you once asking you to stop. Instead I got even more posts. Therefore, I am going public.

I encourage other bloggers to send them messages as well. Here’s their email address:

P.S. I am quite satisfied with my small world protest. My post is now the second entry on Google--right after e Data Pro's home page.

I really don't want to ruin their business. If they go ninety days without spamming me, I will take my post down.

Update--January 2nd--Okay, I got another comment from e Data Pro this morning. Attached to my blog post for 12/19/05. I am updating this comment in the hopes of moving my post about e Data Pro from second place in Google's searches to first place.

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Hoolio said...

They're spamming other sites and bulletin boards as well. It's great that your article about them comes up close to the top of the results for e-datapro!

Here are some keywords for them: e-datapro datapro prolific spammers spam "incorrect dataentry" scam fraud ripoff rip off unsolicited advertisement