Friday, October 23, 2009

Apple Changes Its Position On Free Apps

Last Friday, pointed out a change worth noting:
"Apple on Thursday made a subtle-yet-major revision to its App Store policy, enabling extra content to be sold through free iPhone apps. It’s a move that immediately impacts the publishing industry . . ."
What Brian X. Chen was saying is that Apple's previous policy had placed a burden on newspapers and magazines considering moving online: Apple did not permit content-creators to use its free apps to sell content. Apple required content-creators to use its paid apps for commercial purposes.

Consumers have grown accustomed to getting their news and entertainment online for free. Getting them to pay for content to begin with is a challenge. Adding the cost of the app to that content charge was an added obstacle.

Chen said:
By allowing commerce within free apps, Apple creates the opportunity for a free media app to serve as a gateway for readers to get hooked on a newspaper’s or magazine’s content, which could help lure them into paying for exclusive premium content.
Go here to read the entire Wired post.

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