Wednesday, October 21, 2009

B&N Unveils the Nook

After weeks of rumors about B&N releasing its own e-reading device, the company CEO and president held a press conference on Tuesday to unveil the Nook, which has a dual screen: A six-inch gray E-Ink display on top and, according to Publishers Weekly, "a full-color backlit touch-control screen situated just below—that raises the ante on E-Ink devices."

The color touchscreen has five sections: The Daily, My Library, Shop, Reading Now and Settings. The Daily permits you to subscribe to newspapers or magazines. B&N will also provide free "articles from the best writers" according to the online video. Reading Now will keep your place in the book you are currently reading.

The Nook has two GB (1,500 e-books) of memory and offers a 16 GB SD card of expandable memory. According to Publishers Marketplace, the SD card will hold 17,500 books.

B&N is going head-to-head with Amazon, offering the Nook for $259 and selling best-sellers for $9.

You can see the Nook here. I recommend you watch the video of the device's features. It has a wireless 3G connection to B&N for which you don't have to pay. With the wireless feature turned off, B&N says you won't have to recharge the book for ten days, permitting you to take it along while you're traveling without bringing a charger. B&N will offer free Wi-Fi for the Nook in its stores.

Publishers Weekly says:
The device supports EPub and PDF as well as the Fictionwise eReader format (the e-tailer was acquired by B&N last year), and consumers can purchase titles directly through the machine. Indeed, B&N is going all out to highlight its e-book flexibility—Nook owners will be able to move their e-books from device to device and read their B&N e-books on their iPhone, Blackberry . . .
The Nook raises the bar for e-book reading devices. It permits you to loan a book for up to two weeks. During the period of the loan, you cannot access the book yourself. And, according to Publisher Marketplace, you can only lend each book one time. B&N says it is still in negotiations with publishers to permit broader lending rights.

B&N is also investigating selling a bundled p-book together with the e-book.

The Nook goes on sale at the end of November in time for Christmas sales.

Help your local B&N. Buy a Nook instead of a Kindle.


Peter L. Winkler said...

Amazon just announced that they're releasing software for Windows PCs so you can get and read Kindle ebooks on your computer. B&N already ofers similar software for several hardware platforms.

It makes more sense to buy a netbook for $300, and get a full fledged computer with a full color 10 or 11-inch screen than paying the same price for a dedicated ebook reader.

Deanna Fisher said...

Let me preface this by saying I do own a kindle: There are still a lot of unknown information about the Nook

Based on a query to B&N, I won't be able to purchase books from B&N while travelling using WiFi, however, you can access already purchased books.

Also not a fan of the touch screen, some people may like that, me not so much...

with the flood of e-readers coming on the market, this is going to be continually evolving and improving.