Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's a Duck!!!!!

Friday's Publishers Lunch pointed me to an article in Bookselling This Week titled "Booksellers Meet with CT Attorney General on e-Book Agency Model."
On Friday, September 17, indie booksellers met with Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and members of his staff to discuss the digital content agency model and the dangers posed by below-cost pricing ... The booksellers stressed ... that they strongly support the agency model for the sale of digital content because it prevents predatory pricing practices by online superstores [read here: Amazon] and allows for a wide diversity of retailers in the marketplace.
The article goes on to say that, "According to published reports, the Texas attorney general is also making inquiries about the e-book market."

John Godfrey Saxe wrote a very famous poem here about six blind men who went to "see" an elephant. Each of them grabbed a different part of the beast's body and, therefore, described the elephant differently.

I'm not going to retrace my steps. Go here to read my June 2 post on the Texas AG's investigation.

Go here to read the entire article on Bookselling This Week.

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