Sunday, January 29, 2006

Good News and Congratulations

My critique partner and friend, Jeanne Laws, just signed a contract with Loose Id Publishing for her erotic paranormal novel, "Animal Dreams."

"Animal Dreams" is a very unusual take on the tried-and-worn shapeshifter theme and the first in a planned trilogy. It is sexy and humorous and very well-written.

I am as thrilled for Jeanne as if the contract had been mine (yes, really!).

Visit her website at

Hugs, my friend.



Jeanne said...

Thanks, Maya -- I couldn't have done it without you.

I think this is our year, my friend. ;-)

Maya said...

From your lips to God's ear.

Congratulations again, Jeanne. You deserve it!

Sherrill Quinn said...

Yay, Jeanne! I hope this year is fantabulous for both of you, Maya.

Jenna Howard said...

Yay Jeanne! (You can tell Sherrill's spending too my time on my blog when she starts talking like me...gadzooks).

Word domination domination!!