Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back To The Present

I'm still trying to settle back into my ordinary life after nearly two weeks away. And everything seems to be conspiring against a peaceful return into the atmosphere.

Of the three cats, Tribble and Dinah (oldest and youngest) handled my being gone in stride. Typical of my spoiled Bobbin, he did not do as well. Whether he picked it up at the kennel or because he felt stressed, Bob seems to be trying to fight off bordetella (kennel cough).

When I first adopted him three years ago, we spent nearly four months and almost a thousand dollars fighting off a bad case of bordetella. My vet warned me Bob would always have a tendency to regress--especially when he was stressed.

I'm going to wait until this weekend to see if he can shake it. If not, instead of sleeping in Saturday, I'll be dragging him off to see Doctor Tim.

I also have jury duty on Thursday, and my dermatologist wants me back next Wednesday.

All I want to do is write. Since I arrived home on Sunday afternoon, I've written 4,500 words on a new erotic thriller. My goal is to have it finished before Bad Girl is released on September 4 because then I'll have to focus on publicity.

Finding a publicist has been a challenge. I found one I really liked, but she promotes mostly mysteries. I found a couple who felt like scam artists. Very expensive scam artists. Like Goldilocks, I couldn't seem to find just the right fit.

I decided the answer was to think outside the box. I made a list of the qualities I needed in a publicist. When I reviewed the list, I had a brainstorm as to the person whom I thought would be perfect for the job. When I approached her, she told me she had to do some research before she would agree to work for me. After doing the research, she signed on, and my anxiety level plummeted.

On the positive side, I've been tagged twice. By Stephen Parrish for a Blogger Reflection award here on July 18th.

Before that, on July 6 (while I was trying out for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Florida) by Beth Sanderson as a Rocking Girl Blogger here.

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate your kindness.


David Roth said...

Hey Maya,

I don't know how to tag, but I have mentioned your BLOG as a must read for any budding writer. You are a a daily stop for me even though I don't comment here every day.

Again, welcome home, and keep up the good work,


Maya Reynolds said...

David: You're such a kind soul. I look forward to reading your blog and to reading your posts here.

Warm regards,