Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Final Word on the Swan Hat

A good friend, sent this URL here to me. Thanks, Cat.

I was ambivalent about the swan hat Sherrilyn Kenyon wore at the RWA conference. My independent streak insisted that everyone should have the right to look as foolish as they choose to look. At the same time, my sense of fair play could understand other writers being annoyed that SK (or her hat) became the image of RWA publicized to the world in general.

But this has won me over. Rather than getting defensive, Sherrilyn displayed a sense of humor and a flair that I admire.

You go, girl.

Read on. This is a two-post day.


Sherrill Quinn said...

I just want to say this one thing: People worry too much about what other people are doing/wearing/saying. They should be more concerned with their own conduct and behavior.

And they should. Lighten. Up.

Marie Tuhart said...

Thank you, for the link. Leave it to Sherrilyn to have such a good sense of humor.