Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm Over Myself Already

Okay, today was a much better day.

When I re-read my blog this morning, I felt embarrassed for whining last night. I think the stress of the year-end close at work and the pending book release had me resisting any more change right now.

I did take the bus to work this morning. It was actually a pleasant change. I've done it before when the roads were too icy to navigate. It's always a treat to read a novel instead of fighting traffic.

I got an email tonight, telling me there was a review on the Internet for Bad Girl. You can read it here at Two Lips Reviews. Of course, I was thrilled!

And Harriet Klauser gave Bad Girl five stars, too.

If I can get two good reviews for every bad one, I'll be happy. Bring it on!

For those of you who've been emailing me both on and offline, I've decided that the car goes into the repair shop on Saturday. That evaluation will decide whether I keep it or get another car. Thanks for your concern.


Colleen said...

Congratulations, Maya -- on the reviews, not the status of your car. I am looking forward to reading THE BOOK -- my first foray into the world of erotic romance.

Many, many congratulations!

Maria Zannini said...

What a great review! Go YOU!

Marie Tuhart said...

Great review, Maya.

Good luck with the car. I have to tell you I understand completely. When my old Nissan got totalled many, many years ago, I couldn't watch them tow it away.