Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Did She Just Say?

A friend sent me this video from the Miss Teen USA pageant that aired Friday night.

This is Miss South Carolina, who finished as the Third Runner Up (#4 out of 5 finalists).

Never mind what she was thinking.

What were the judges thinking?


aromagik said...

Worst. Answer. Ever. :P


Stephen Parrish said...

Were the judges men? If so, I can tell you exactly what they were thinking.

Mitz said...

That was painful.
Why can't many Americans locate their country on a map?
Honey, for the same reason you can't understand a question and put a clear sentence together.

This is the problem. We honor airheads and animal abusers.
Wish I had the solution.

Mitzi, cranky

David Roth said...

Yes, it's true. I AM just another pretty face.

Even in South Africa.

I'm sorry, what was the question?

This girl gives natural blondes a bad name.

Maya Reynolds said...

When I first posted this video, I included the girl's name.

I went back in and removed her name because I don't want to help this video follow the girl for the rest of her life every time someone googles her name. [shakes head sadly]

Tena said...

Boy, will she ever be mortified when she sees the video.

Blonde or not, that was pathetic.

Jonathan Lyons said...

Hilarious. Thanks for posting this!cm

The Anti-Wife said...

Oh, My God!

David Roth said...

Saw this follow-up story today:;_ylt=AhVk6SONrjNyOytQ1bEFM2Ws0NUE