Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Daily Coyote Revisited

I'm celebrating! I just got an email from agent Jonathan Lyons, telling me I came in third in his triva contest on Wednesday (tied for second, but three hours later than the other contestant--who's being competitive? ).

So today, I'm taking a break from posting and referring you to one of my absolute favorite blogs.

I first posted about The Daily Coyote on last December 1st. Shreve Stockton, a woman who fell in love with Wyoming during a cross-country trip, now lives there with a tomcat named Eli, a border collie cross puppy named Chloe and the coyote she adopted last year and named Charlie.

It's been a tough year. No vet would innoculate Charlie, and he almost died from Parvo.

The early photos of Charlie, who was ten days old when she adopted him, frequently make me go "awww."

Here is the "awww" one for this week. Be sure to scroll down to the second photo.

Here is one of my favorites from when Charlie was a baby. And another.

Here's one with Charlie stalking Eli the cat.

Here's one that reminds you Charlie is a coyote, not a dog.

Here's one that reminds you of the ever-changing beauty of this great land.

And, finally, one that gives you hope for peace among all the races here.

Shreve has a book coming out in early December on her first year with Charlie.

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