Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For Urban Fantasy Readers

In January, 2008, I recommended a debut novelist by the name of Mike Carey here.

As I said in that post, Mike Carey is an award-winning graphic novel writer. The Devil You Know was his first novel in an urban fantasy series starring Felix Castor, a free-lance exorcist living in London.

I liked The Devil You Know well enough that I purchased the second in the series, Vicious Circle, from a bookseller in England.

What with my hospitalization in February and the release of my Bad Boy in April, I completely missed the release of Carey's third book in the Castor series, Thicker Than Water, in early March.

I just happened to see a notice last week of the release of Castor Book #4 on July 23. Titled Dead Men's Boots, it's in hardcover. I immediately decided I wanted both Book #3 and Book #4.

Unfortunately neither Borders nor B&N had a copy. I could have tried Amazon, but instead I visited Abe Books online. I found both novels . . . once again in Great Britain.

It's an indication of how badly I wanted the books that I paid to have them shipped from overseas. I placed my order on 7/19 and the first one, a new paperback of Dead Men's Boots, arrived last night.

Here's the blurb:
You might think that helping a friend's widow stop a lawyer from stealing her husband's corpse would be just about the strangest thing on your To Do list. But life is rarely that simple for Felix Castor.

A brutal murder in King's Cross bears all the hallmarks of a long-dead American serial killer, and it takes more good sense than Castor possesses not to get involved. He's also fighting a legal battle over the body--if not the soul--of his possessed friend, Rafi, and can't shake the feeling that his three problems might be related.

With the help of the succubus Juliet and paranoid zombie data-fence Nicky Heath, Castor just might have a chance of fitting the pieces together before someone drops him down a lift shaft or rips his throat out.

Or not . . .

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