Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Worst Book Cover Ever

Orbit Books, a sci-fi and fantasy publisher, announced a fun project on Monday: to create the worst book cover ever. This is from their website:
Over the next few weeks we’ll be asking for your help coming up with the most ridiculously bad high-concept SFF book cover in the universe – think Wyvern II: The Wyverning, or Martian Under the Doormat. (We know you can do better) Once we’ve settled on the titles we’ll work out the reading line, the blurbs, and cover elements. And then, with your help, our fearless Orbit US Creative Director Lauren is going to design a cover for it that will present it in all its mad glory.
Who could resist?

The list of suggested titles is already awesome:
  • He Left Me on Mars
  • Vampire Farm III: The Suckling
  • Martian in the Mirror
  • Speed-Dating on Mars
  • Blacksmith's Bane: The Sword of Shadow
  • Bloodsucking Elves
  • Highway Voodoo Roadkill
  • She-Vixen From the Planet of the Death Rats
  • Solar Shoe Salesman
  • Mars Needs Fairies

If you want to join in the fun and suggest a title, go to the Orbit website here.


Scobberlotcher said...

I love bad book covers! Thanks for sharing this link. :) Too funny.

Redleg said...

I did this a few months ago. It's not really scifi, but it seemed like a bad enough cover to share anyway.

Eternity Burning Cover