Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another New Amazon Policy?

On Friday, GalleyCat reported that Diamond Book Distributors sent an email to the publishers it works with, saying:
"Going forward, Amazon will require all titles on their site to participate in the Search Inside the Book (SITB) program,"
Avid readers are familiar with Search Inside, which allows someone interested in a book to search for specific words or to browse several pages.

According to GalleyCat, the email from the book distributor also said that Amazon wants to have the Search Inside feature operational for new titles "3-4 weeks before publication--sooner, if possible."

The UK's The Bookseller had this to say:
The move will enable Amazon.com to aggressively grow its repository of digital content as it seeks to combat the growing threat it feels from Google's book-scanning programme.
GalleyCat made a point of saying it had not yet been able to confirm that this was, in fact, Amazon's new policy.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn this is the case. Back in early May, I said on this blog: "Amazon has already made it plain that they are willing to use their considerable clout to demand EVEN MORE advantageous terms than they are already getting."

Go here to read the GalleyCat article.

Go here to read The Bookseller article.

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