Monday, August 23, 2010

2nd Post For the Day: Mockingjay Is Coming

The Los Angeles Times releases the first review of Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay, the conclusion to The Hunger Games trilogy, due out tomorrow:

Unfolding in Collins' engaging, intelligent prose and assembled into chapters that end with didn't-see-that-coming cliffhangers, this finale is every bit the pressure cooker of its forebears ...

Mockingjay takes readers into new territories and an even more brutal and confusing world: one where it's unclear what sides the characters are on, one where presumed loyalties are repeatedly stood on their head ...

More maudlin than the first two books in the series, "Mockingjay" is also the most violent and bloody and, based on the actions and statements of its characters, its most overtly antiwar — though not so much that it distracts from a series conclusion that is nearly as shocking, and certainly every bit as original and thought provoking, as "The Hunger Games."

Yeah, wow!

Read the entire review here.

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