Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Amended Post

Yesterday, I mentioned in my post on FanFic that my friend Eileen and I had written our own version of fan fiction way back in seventh grade.

Eileen was quick to send an email, reminding me that there were two other girls who also participated in our juvenile literary endeavors: Sharon and Lynda.

So, in the interests of truthful reporting, consider this a correction.

I'm fortunate in my friends. I have a notoriously unreliable memory. However, my friends are always ready to help me fill in the blanks.

Six years after those early efforts, Eileen and I went on to room together at the University of South Florida. We remain friends to this day. She was the first person to read my first novel, and she was incredibly supportive along my journey to finding an agent and a publisher.

Eileen has a birthday coming up at the end of this month so I'm taking this opportunity to wish her a very happy birthday. I love you, 'Leen.

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