Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bobbin Makes His Internet Debut

I am very fortunate in the location of my house. I don't have many immediate neighbors because I live on a corner facing woods on two sides. However, to the east I am next door to a lovely family and, to the north, the rear of my property adjoins to that of a very nice couple.

The family next door has five children who were all home-schooled. I have been thrilled to watch the kids grow over the last eight years. The two oldest are now off at college, leaving three very charming teenage boys.

One of the boys got a new camera recently and decided to practice by doing a video of Bobbin, my two-year-old feline.

Bob was a little camera-shy, and the cameraman was a little nervous about the flailing claws. However, here is the link for your viewing enjoyment:

You'll note that Bob maintains his hold on territory and does not back down. I've mentioned his prowess as a hunter in previous posts. The cameraman's mother once prophesied that, some day, Bob would bring me a coyote as a trophy. Since, to date, he's come home with birds, mice, rats, squirrels, tarantulas, gophers and snakes, I live in fear of that day.

I'm off today to have a late lunch and see the new Bond movie with a friend. Hope your Sunday is as pleasant.


Emjay said...

That video is hilarious.

Good cat! You don't have to take that papparazi stuff.

Maya said...

Emjay: Bobbin has a very strong personality. I once watched him chase a German Shepherd out of our front yard. Of course, once the Shepherd got over his surprise, he came back for more, forcing Bob up a tree.

ORION said...

This is great! I loved it. I am a cat person, too, as you can tell from my blog.
You can really see his personality in this.
By the way I am doing my PhD work in homeschooling and science curriculum.