Monday, November 20, 2006

Hurray for North Dakota

I just read this morning's Broadcasting & Cable News (B&C News) here. It was the first time I realized that the O.J. Simpson Fox television special is scheduled to air during sweeps week.

This is a blatant attempt to capitalize on the murders of two people. I am disgusted by the depths to which Fox is sinking.

Fortunately, some affiliate stations are rebelling against this slimy move. B&C News reports that "North Dakota’s Prime Cities Broadcasting is refusing to air the interview."

Hurray for North Dakota. B&C also said, "poor advertising prospects and mass amounts of negative publicity, and the possibility remains that Fox could still decide to yank publisher Judith Regan’s interview of Simpson entirely."

Encouraged, I clicked over to my local Fox affiliate and sent them the following email:

I am outraged and disgusted by your network's plan to air an interview with O.J. Simpson during sweeps week. This is sinking to new lows.

Please be advised that I am making a list of those companies who advertise on your network this week. I am writing an email, which I plan to forward to all of those advertisers promising NEVER to use their products again should that "special" air. Whatever short-term bump you get from broadcasting this abomination will hopefully be offset by advertisers who will be furious with you.

If enough people hit Fox where they live--their advertisers--we can hopefully stop them from broadcasting this show.

Feel free to copy this email or parts of it. Flex your muscles as a viewer. Put a stop to this travesty. You can go to this link, to find your local Fox affiliate and send them an email or phone and leave a message with their advertising department. Alternatively, you can call Fox News at (888) 369-4762 and leave a comment to let them know how you feel and what, if any action, you plan to take. Remember: Their advertisers are their lifeblood. Threaten that, and you will get their attention.

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lainey bancroft said...

I'm sure you've got it already, but just in case:

The people cried and for once the money man listened!