Sunday, November 12, 2006

Miscellaneous Notes

Friday's mail included the first of my advances for my contract with NAL. While I sold my first story in 1990 and have received a fair number of checks for stories and articles in the sixteen years since, this was my first advance. I did the Happy Dance all the way up the sidewalk from the mailbox. Hugs to Jacky Sach, my wonderful agent.

Dinah, my new kitten, disappeared a week ago. I was beside myself. Walked the neighborhood calling for her, phoned all my neighbors to watch out for her and haunted my local animal shelter. Although she was wearing a collar with both a name tag and a rabies tag, no one phoned to say they'd found her.

Dinah was only seven months old. With the number of coyotes my neighborhood has, I'd given up hope of ever seeing her again.

This afternoon, I stepped out into the backyard, and Dinah came running toward me as though she'd never been gone. I was floored. Her breakaway collar was gone. She looked tired and was ravenous; she ate a can of catfood and an entire dish of kitten kibble before collapsing into sleep on my bed.

Bob and Tribble are less than enthusiastic about Dinah's return. Right now, they are lying side-by-side outside my closed bedroom door, waiting for me to open it. Guess I'll be starting from square one, getting everyone acclimated again.

Also, I need to schedule an appointment for Dinah with Tim, my vet. I was gambling that, with the shorter days (and less light), she wouldn't go into heat for the first time until springtime. Tim agreed that I was "probably" right although he made no promises. I'm less sure of that decision now. I do not want to find myself with eight cats instead of the three I now have. Eeeekkkk!

The $10 million budget cut over at "Saturday Night Live" this season has been very apparent in the poor quality of the first four shows broadcast prior to this week. Departing head writer Tina Fey was replaced by Seth Meyers. Long-time member Rachel Dratch left with Tina. Horatio Sanz, Finesse Mitchell and Chris Parnell were all fired.

I've been enormously disappointed ever since the season started. The SNL sketches have been lame or simply gross. I've turned the television off midway through the show more than once. As much as I adore Hugh Laurie (House), I turned the godawful mess off before the Weekend Update last week.

Given the election results, I figured tonight's show had to be a slam dunk. Alec Baldwin was back, guest hosting for the 12th time. I turned it on, prayerful that their writers had finally gotten their act together.

Tonight's show was like the old "Saturday Night Live" I loved. The skits were crisp and funny. They had cameos that were out of this world: Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan came with Baldwin. Paul McCartney, Martin Short, Steve Martin and Tony Bennett were just a few of the other people who stopped by.

Let's hope Seth and crew have finally found their stride.

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