Saturday, April 07, 2007

Coming Soon

Almost exactly three years ago, feeling frustrated and confused, I made the decision to join Romance Writers of America. I was conflicted about the decision. I wanted to write suspense, not romance.

I made the decision to join RWA out of a recognition that I needed to learn more about the publishing industry. Although I'd attended meetings of half a dozen writers' groups, I hadn't yet found an organization that offered the kind of education I wanted. This was about a year before agent and editors' blogs started popping up on the Internet.

I've never regretted my decision. Although the membership is more expensive than most ($100 to join, $75 each year thereafter), it's given me my money's worth. RWA is ALL about getting published, and believe me, they're dead serious about it.

There are three RWA chapters within thirty miles of my home. I visited all three while trying to decide which one to join. Like Goldilocks, I decided one was too large for me, one was too small and one was just right.

My chapter has a fair number of published writers, and I've beem overwhelmed by their generosity to their unpublished counterparts. They provide monthly presentations, free critiques, advice and encouragement. Among the kindest is Karen Kelley.

Since 2004, Karen has published eight romances. All of them are sexy, fun romps. She's made me laugh out loud in public more than once. The latest--Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind--came out earlier this week. I've asked Karen to visit us on this blog later this month to talk about her new book, writing and her path to becoming published.

You'll like Karen as much as I do; I promise. You can visit her blog here and buy CEOTSK here.

In the meantime, today is my birthday, and I'm off to celebrate. Catch you later.


Maria Zannini said...

Happy Birthday!
Let's try to get together next week so we can celebrate properly.

lainey bancroft said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Maya!

And I couldn't agree with you more. When I first began lurking on writer blogs/forums, I was afraid to even comment because I thought as an unpublished author I'd be viewed as an interloper or a pest.

I've been overwhelmed by how gracious and helpful the vast majority of authors are. Yourself included of course. :P


Maya Reynolds said...

Thank you, Maria and Lainey. I appreciate the kind words!