Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How I Spent My Adulthood

Texas is a place of such extremes--

I've met the kindest, most open-hearted people I've ever known here as well as some of the most judgmental, closed-minded bigots I've ever encountered.

Because of their steadfast belief in God, Texans have occasionally been led astray by silk-tongued carpetbaggers twisting the Lord's Word while making empty promises. But, because of their faith, those same Christians willingly extend forgiveness and offer their trust again.

More extremes--

This morning I spent nearly thirty minutes driving along the highways outside of Dallas, enchanted by the hills covered in blue. If you've never seen a field of bluebonnets after the rain, you've missed one of nature's miracles.

Ironically, tonight I spent another thirty minutes piling blankets and pillows in the central hall of my house while I listened to reports of potential tornadoes ten miles to the west.

Texas--it befuddles, delights, terrifies and bewitches me. I wouldn't live anywhere else.


Marie Tuhart said...

Be safe, Maya. For me I'd rather have earthquakes any day tha tornadoes.

Maya Reynolds said...

Marie: I guess every part of the country has its own attractions and drawbacks, doesn't it?