Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Notes Of Interest

Earlier this month, I promised an interview with Karen Kelley, the very successful, award-winning author of contemporary, sexy, funny novels.

Karen will be here Saturday talking about her latest book, Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind. Don't miss it.

Also, for our UK readers, a comment in Nathan Bransford's blog reminds me to point to a link on the right side of this site. The link is to Fifth Estate, the HarperCollins UK blog. I've been reading it since October of last year when I wrote a blog that mentioned it here.

You can find Fifth Estate here.

Today's a two-post day. Keep reading below.

1 comment:

ERiCA said...

Hi Maya!

I found your site from a suggestion Lainey Bancroft and B.E. Sanderson made on my blog yesterday, and I'm so glad they shared the link.

Saturday's interview sounds great. I'll definitely be back to check it out!