Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday, Oh, Saturday

Busy day. The Animal Control (AC) truck was in our neighbor-
hood yesterday.

I probably should explain why that's a big deal.

My neighborhood is VERY animal-friendly. Everyone has pets, and we all look out for each other's animals. When Animal Control shows up, we hunker down and cover for each other. If someone else's animal is in your yard, you tell AC that, "Oh, yeah, that dog is mine. And that cat that's hissing at me is mine, too. Here, kitty, kitty."

I had run up to the dry cleaner's and grocery store and came back to find AC parked in front of my house. I resisted calling to my three cats who were ALL outside. I was confident that Tribble, my geriatric cat, was asleep on her pillow on the glider on the front porch. She never moves. But all bets were off for the other two. After AC left, I called and--praise the Lord--they both came running from different directions.

Went to see Fracture on Saturday evening. I figured out the plot twist pretty early on, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the film. I adore Anthony Hopkins and have since his very early career. He played Richard the Lion-Hearted in one of my three favorite movies of all time--The Lion in Winter starring Katharine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole. For the record, my other two favorite movies are Aliens and Inherit the Wind.

Fracture is a legal thriller with Hopkins playing a wealthy industrialist who discovers his much younger wife is cheating on him. He shoots her and then admits the crime to the hostage negotiator he admits into the house. Since the case seems a slam dunk, the Assistant D.A. assigns it to a young hotshot prosecuting attorney who has already resigned and has only a week to go on the job. Ryan Gosling is the prosecutor who gets publicly humiliated by Anthony Hopkins and privately goaded. Their performances rise above a somewhat predictable script in my opinion.

But then I could enjoy Anthony Hopkins reading the ingredients off a cereal box. :)


Maria Zannini said...

So did any of your cats end up in kitty jail? I thought Bob had a criminal record. (whistles innocently)

I can see you now bailing them out. Lord help Animal Control. LOL

Maya Reynolds said...

Maria: That's a vicious rumor spread by the dogs across the street! Bob's juvenile records were sealed.


David Roth said...

We have a homeless cat in our neighborhood who sleeps in our garage. Unfortunately he uses it as his 'facility' as well. I watched him one day leave the premises to chase down a mouse who apparently has his number. I wish I'd had my video camera running when the little mouse turned around, raised up on its hind legs and took swats at the bewildered puddy. The cat decided it wasn't worth the effort, and besides, a rodent this defiant and unwilling to just die probably would have been tough to eat as well.

"But then I could enjoy Anthony Hopkins reading the ingredients off a cereal box. :)"

I'm that way with Patrick Stewart and James Earl Jones.

BTW - I deleted Miss Snark from my Favorites. She may be a brilliant and gifted agent, but she's way too potty mouth for my tastes.

Maya Reynolds said...

David: Put a litter box in your garage. It will resolve the "facilities" issue. Cats will naturally use a litter box when they can. The fact that he is not leaving the garage during the night means it's either too cold out there or you have predators in your neighborhood.

Trudy said...

But then I could enjoy Anthony Hopkins reading the ingredients off a cereal box. :)

Yup, know what you mean...loved it when Oprah had him read the yellow pages...

Maya Reynolds said...

Trudy: Ohhhh, I'm sorry I missed that episode.

Thanks for stopping by.

Warm regards,