Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Gift From Me To You

Confession time: I'm a klutz when it comes to computer design and programming. However, I'm lucky enough to count programmers among my family and friends.

I'm also pretty good at following instructions, and if the directions are clear, I can get where I need to go.

I like Blogger because it's so simple it allowed even me--a computer maladroit--to build this blog. I added a couple of bells and whistles when the instructions to install them were clear. I installed StatCounter at the very bottom of the blog to keep track of my numbers. I put in a link to Technorati so I could periodically check to see who was linking to my blog (and return the favor).

That's what I was doing on Saturday afternoon when I noticed Beth Morrow here had a neat toy.

Beth has a widget for FeedJit, a live traffic feed.

Now StatCounter provides the same service, but I have to go to their website to pull up the info. With FeedJit, I can just scroll down on my own blog to see the data.

Pretty cool, huh?

Go here to add the beta version of FeedJit to your blog. And never say I didn't do something for you.

Thanks to Beth, that clever girl!

Love and kisses,


1 comment:

Beth said...

Geez, Maya. You almost made me blush :)

Thanks for the super post and your great blog. It's great to know those little widgets excite other writers too!

Keep up the great work....