Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Barbara Bauer's Suing Everyone Online

Couldn't sleep, couldn't write so I'm wandering the Internet.

Thanks to a comment on James Nicoll's blog here, I found a link here to Barbara Bauer's civil complaint filed January 8, 2008.

If you don't know who Barbara Bauer is, go here.

Here's the list of the defendants Bauer went after:

Jenna Glatzer and MacAllister Stone
and James D. MacDonald and Kent Brewster
and Ann C. Crispin and Patrick Nielsen-Hayden
and Teresa Nielsen-Hayden and Brian Hill,
and Dee Power AKA Harrilane D. Power
AKA D. Carr Harrilane, and David L. Kuzminski
and Thomas S. Tully and Science Fiction and
Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. and Victoria C. Strauss
and Shweta Narayan and Lesia Valentine and
Christina Walden aka Christina Bristol and
Wikimedia Foundation, and Stephan Spencer,
and Kristen Fischer aka Kristen Pascuili and
Gregory Ludwig and Aimee Amodio

I don't recognize all the names, but I do recognize a bunch:

Jenna Glatzer, founder of Absolute Write here

MacAllister Stone, owner and editor-in-chief of Absolute Write

James D. MacDonald, sci-fi author (see here) and frequent commenter on Absolute Write

Kent Brewster, sci-fi author and publisher of Speculations here (now on hiatus)

Ann C. Crispin, sci-fi author and owner of the Writer Beware Blogs! here

Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, sci-fi editors and bloggers at Making Light here

Brian Hill and Dee Power, co-authors with a website here. Dave Kuzminski reported here last week that the suits against Brian Hill and Dee Power had been dismissed.

Dave Kuzminski maintains the Preditors & Editors website here

That's half the list and I have to get ready to leave now. Catch you later . . .

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