Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sad News For Publishing News

One of the links to the right side of this blog has announced it is ceasing operations.

Publishing News, a UK weekly, had this to say on July 15th here:
PUBLISHING NEWS, THE book trade weekly, is to cease publication. The issue of Friday July 25th will be the last. The news was announced in a statement today (Wednesday, July 15 2008)

The publication, founded in 1979, has been hit by the same problems that have affected all magazines and newspapers, as advertisers have shifted increasing proportions of their spend to online and direct sales.

PNL's founder and Chairman, Fred Newman, commented: 'This has been a sad and difficult decision to make, but the nature of the book trade which today offers a multiplicity of ways for publishers to sell books both to booksellers and to consumers has changed dramatically. For the biggest book publishers, the trade press is now only one of many options for the promotion and sale of their titles.'

I'm so sorry to see this happen.

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