Saturday, August 16, 2008

Misha Redux

Back in the spring, I wrote two posts on the 1997 book, Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years, which was uncovered as a hoax at the end of February.

In her "memoir," Misha Defonseca claimed that, when she was six, she'd run into a forest to avoid the Nazis who had seized her Jewish parents. She described living with wolves over the next four years. The book became a best-seller in Europe and was turned into a French film, Survivre avec les loups (Surviving With Wolves) .

Read my earlier posts here and here.

Since the time of my posts, a woman who took Misha Defonseca and her husband Maurice in, thinking they were destitute, has created a blog to tell her story here.

And Jane Daniel, who published Misha's "memoir" in this country has continued writing a blog here while awaiting the outcome of her suit against Defonseca in which she seeks to overturn
the 2001 judgment against her of $33 million. Daniel and Defonseca will face off in a courtroom later this month.

Daniel has returned to the publishing business. She is releasing a trade paperback of her experiences with Defonseca. The book is titled Bestseller! Although her blog indicates it was released yesterday and that it would be available on and B&N's website, I could not find it in either place.

A Thursday Publishers Weekly story indicated the book would be released next week. Since most books are released on Tuesday, I'm guessing the new release date is August 19th.

Stay tuned for the results of the lawsuit . . .

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