Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Update on the Kindle

Amazon has repeatedly refused to reveal how many Kindles it has sold since the e-reader launched in November. Estimates by industry experts have been all over the map.

On Friday, Techcrunch reported the following here:
. . . 240,000 Kindles have been shipped since November, according to a source close to Amazon with direct knowledge of the numbers.
Techcrunch went on to estimate that the combination of Kindle devices and $25 per device reading material would mean the business is bringing in well over $100 million.

I'm about ready to invest in an e-reader, but I'm still waiting to see the Astak Mentor which is due out in October. It has three sizes ranging from $200 to $350. See it here. I'm hopeful it will be The One.


Peter L. Winkler said...

You should take a close look at two of the new low cost, light weight (about 2 pounds) "netbooks," the Asus EEE PC and the HP mini-note.

Maya Reynolds said...

Peter: Thanks, I will.

I'm about ready to purchase both an e-reader and a cheap, lightweight "something" I can take with me to write on. Friends have been recommending the Alpha Smart line. Haven't really looked yet.