Friday, August 29, 2008

What The Hell Was Cindy McCain Thinking???

After this post, I'll stop talking politics--at least until the Republican Convention begins [Grin].

Okay, now we know the players on the field: McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden.

And we got our first look at Sarah Palin. I found the attached clip of her speech on Friday very interesting.

First, what the hell was going on with Cindy McCain? The woman paid absolutely no attention to the fact that the cameras were all trained on that part of the stage. She was totally preoccupied with putting on a forearm support--first the glove and then the brace.

Apparently she injured her wrist on August 13th as the result of a too-enthusiastic handshake. Two weeks ago, she was wearing a soft cast and a sling.

But talk about being self-absorbed. She didn't even notice that the poor Palin kids were watching her for clues as to what to do. Every time she bobbed down, they tried to sit down. I was alternately amused and appalled by her lack of awareness. When poor Bristol Palin, who was holding the baby, finally sat down, Cindy followed the kid's lead.

Second, Palin irritated me a teeny tiny bit. She focussed only on the male members of her family in her introduction. She was so busy pushing her credentials ("My husband belongs to a union," "My son is going overseas to Iraq," and "My baby's name is Trig Paxson Van Palin") that she gave really short shrift to her three daughters, skipping over them, barely offering their names. I held my breath to see if she would try to make political capital out of the fact that the infant had Down's. Thankfully she stopped short of that.

I'll admit it. I'm feeling a little snarly. Does McCain really think that women are so stupid and shallow that they would vote for him on the basis of a woman on the ticket?

I'm voting because I'm tired of seeing the American values that I respect: fairness, open-mindedness, compassion and tolerance trampled by an administration and a party that has lost sight of the common man. The next president will name at least two new justices to the Supreme Court. THAT's what matters to me.

Putting Sarah Palin--who is reportedly a fine woman--on the ticket is not going to undo eight years of abuse.

Eight is enough.


Anonymous said...

Agreed on all points. This is the first thing that McCain has done to really, really annoy me. (The rest I just pass off as normal political garbage.) To pick a woman no one has heard of to get the female vote? I simply can't think of another reason for the choice, as hard as I've tried. It really irks me. Can't help but wonder if they tried hard to find a black woman.

Maya Reynolds said...

Ciar: I admire John McCain enormously. I think he is a true patriot who deserves tremendous respect. However, despite all the rhetoric about his being a maverick, he is extremely conservative. I do not want him leading this country for the next four years.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Cindy McCain The View