Friday, September 05, 2008

More on Midnight Sun

On Saturday, I wrote here about Stephenie Meyer's decision to put the fifth book in her Twilight series on hold indefinitely after the first twelve chapters were illegally posted on the Internet.

On Wednesday, my favorite Wall Street Journal (WSJ) writer, Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg (with Emily Steel), had an article about that decision by Meyer.

The part of the article I found most interesting was this:
Although all of Mrs. Meyer's books, including "The Host," a science-fiction title issued in May, have been published by Little, Brown in the U.S., the author had fulfilled her contractual obligations, which means she could have sold "Midnight Sun" to the highest bidder if she so chose. One literary agent estimates that Mrs. Meyer could have sold the domestic rights for that title alone for more than $5 million.
It will be interesting to see if all the hoopla over the book raises that $5 million price, or leads Ms. Meyer to a new publishing home.

Read the entire WSJ article here.


wordtryst said...

Maya, I'm having a party over at my blog to launch Cafe au Lait and you're invited! It's on until Wednesday, so come on by and have a drink!

Re your post: those figures boggle the mind - well my mind, anyway. First time authors of romances (like me) are lucky to pull in a couple thousand, and I'm hearing talk about stopping advances altogether.

Maya Reynolds said...

Congratulations, Liane. I am looking forward to reading Cafe au Lait.

I'll be by for that drink. I'm so happy for you.