Thursday, September 04, 2008

Random House Redux

On Tuesday, I posted about Bertelsmann, the parent company of Random House.

Yesterday, Publishers Weekly had an article about Random House that said in part:
In the first significant change since Markus Dohle took over as CEO of Random House, Ed Volini, deputy chairman and chief operating officer of Random House North America will leave the publisher September 30 in what is described as an amicable parting . . . No successor for Volini is planned, and all executives who had reported to him will now report to Dohle.
Back in May when Dohle was appointed as CEO of Random House, I quoted Publishers Weekly:
The choice of Dohle to lead Random, rather than a publishing veteran, is meant to inject a new entrepreneurial spirit at the company. Ostrowski [CEO of Bertelsmann] praised Dohle for his work at Bertelsmann’s Arvato printing group and was confident he could turn another mature business into a growth business . . . Dohle "will bring his innovative energy to tapping new lines of business for the company, such as the digital realm, and to lengthening its value chain.” Asked what lengthening the value chain means, Ostrowski said that publishing needs to take advantage of new marketing channels and get books to customers in new ways. One way to do that, Ostrowski said, is to create brands around popular books, much the way Random’s children’s group has done with Eragon.

According to Ostrowski, he "is not expecting a quick change in direction at Random, saying that Dohle 'should take his time to come up with a program,' adding that the new chairman has no mandate to downsize the company.
Yeah, looks like Dohle is taking his time. By my count, 105 days.

Stay tuned . . .

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