Monday, September 08, 2008

A New Service For Small Publishers

Last Wednesday, the New York Times had an article on a new service being offered to small publishers by Perseus Books Group:
The new service, called Constellation, will allow independent publishers to make use of electronic readers, digital book search, print-on-demand and other digital formats at rates negotiated by Perseus on their behalf. Unlike large publishers, small ones typically lack the resources to use digital technology and as a result often bypass it altogether . . .

The Times explains it this way: Hundreds of small, independent publishers will have easier access to digital book technology under a new service offered by Perseus Books Group, the result of agreements between it and more than a half-dozen technology companies . . .

The companies involved in the deal include Google, for its Google Book Search feature; Amazon, for its Kindle electronic reader; Sony, for its Sony Reader; Barnes & Noble, for its “See Inside” feature on its Web site; and Lightning Source, a print-on-demand company.
Perseus will make it possible for the small independents to compete with larger publishing houses that have greater resources and greater clout when it comes to negotiating contracts for digital services.

Constellation sounds like a terrific idea.

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