Monday, February 23, 2009

The Alamo: February 23 - March 6, 1836

One hundred and seventy-three years ago today, a battle began in Texas.

It's almost unfair to call it a battle. The estimates are that the Mexican army had 2,400 soldiers and the Texans had somewhere around 200 men. Yet those 200 Texans held off Santa Anna's superior force for thirteen days.

I'm not a historian, but each year I note the day the Battle of the Alamo began. Click below to understand why. If the video does not appear, please click on the link here to get it.

Now let the children gather 'round to hear my song of praise
Honoring the heroes of early Texas days.

'Twas back in 1836 at a mission in San Antone
It's the story of some Texans who fought and died alone.

Santa Anna's thousands were enough to make 'em flinch,
But one hundred and eighty Texans, they didn't give an inch.

For 13 days, those thousands attacked and were repeled.
A hundred and eighty Texans fired back and held.

But then at last the enemy, using cannon shell,
Burst through the mission's crumbling walls and turned it into hell.

Jim Bowie on his sick bed, Crockett at the door,
They fought till they were lying dead on the stone cold floor.

From the gutted chapel rose a cry, conceived in death and pain.
"Remember the Alamo," they cried, "so we won't have died in vain."

In a place called San Jacinto just thirty days from then,
Santa Anna, he was whipped by Houston and his men.

Those Texans of the Alamo gave up their lives to bring
Liberty to Texas and the sound of freedom's ring.

A hundred and eighty dead men, but there's no call for tears
For they will be remembered for a million Texas years.
Outnumbered twelve to one, all chose to stay and fight.

One Hundred and Seventy Three Years and Counting . . .

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Piero Mazza said...

Can you make the same with both "Endless Prairie" and "Sand". If I'm not mistaken, they belong to the same collection (I was used to listen to them some 50 years ago on an old LP, now lost). The deep voice of Lorne Green is always exciting!

Thank you
Piero Mazza, Milan, Italy