Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

One of the interesting side effects of my recent surgery has been my sudden interest in network television.

I'm not a huge TV watcher normally. I love House, Judge Judy, and the Sunday morning news shows, but don't subscribe to cable.

Now that I'm at home 24/7, the allure of television is somewhat stronger. A moment ago, I actually checked the listings for this evening.

Much to my great joy, I realized that Michael Biehn will be guest starring on Criminal Minds tonight.

I catch Criminal Minds a couple of times a month. The chief attraction of the show for me is Shelmar Moore, who plays FBI agent Derek Morgan.

Sorry, Shelmar, but you don't hold a candle to Michael Biehn in my heart.

If you don't recognize Biehn's name, think of Kyle Reese in The Terminator, Corporal Hicks in Aliens, and Commander Anderson in The Rock.

Mmmmmm, good.

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