Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on e-Books

Since I was lazy yesterday, I'm working twice as hard today.

First, Teleread had an interesting post three weeks ago about "The Rise of e-Books." Mark Coker said:
E-book sales are surging while the entire trade book industry suffers a decline. Are print sales suffering at the hands of e-book sales? Unlikely. Something else is happening.
Go here to see what he thinks is happening.

Then Booksquare talked about moderating a panel called "Smart Women Read eBooks" at the TOC conference this week.

One of her comments ties with my previous post from today regarding DRM:
My first comment to the panel was that readers are downright hostile to DRM, but as I read more closely, I realized it wasn’t hostility toward DRM, per se, it’s the fact that managing DRM is so difficult that angers these readers. They get that publishers need to protect their product, but when means that they can’t access the books they’ve purchased — or that someone might take those books away at any moment — it doesn’t engender warm fuzzies.
And, of course, she did give me warm fuzzies when she said, "The vast majority of respondents read romance and erotica when it comes to ebooks."

May it ever be so. [grin]

Please go here to read more of Booksquare's comments.

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