Friday, April 02, 2010

HarperStudio To Close Its Doors

Today's Publishers Lunch dropped the other shoe on HarperStudio, the imprint started by Bob Miller for HarperCollins.

I first reported on HarperStudio here almost exactly two years ago on April 6, 2008.

On St. Patrick's Day, Miller announced he would be leaving HarperStudio for Workman Publishing. I posted about his departure here.

Today, Publishers Lunch said:
Following the departure of founding executive Bob Miller, Harper's Michael Morrison announced that "... our last batch of titles to be published under the Harper Studio imprint will be on the Summer 2010 list." All titles scheduled for beyond that season will be absorbed by one of Harper's other imprints. Morrison says they "will be contacting agents and authors to discuss the best editors and imprints for each of these titles."
Requiescat in pace.

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