Monday, April 26, 2010

Two B&N Announcements

Barnes & Noble has been busy.

Business Wire reported on Friday that the Nook has been upgraded:
... including the breakthrough Read In Store experience (in beta) to browse complete eBooks in Barnes & Noble stores at no cost, as well as challenging games – the first Android applications available on the device – enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and a basic Web browser (in beta). The new features, along with additional reading and device performance optimization, such as faster page turns and an enhanced home screen, are part of NOOK v1.3 software, which is now available ...

NOOK customers can explore the content of as many digital titles as they wish ... including any available eBook for up to an hour per day; and to come, current-edition newspapers and magazines in the BN eBookstore will be available for up to 20 minutes per day.
Read the whole article at Business Wire here.

On Wednesday, Yahoo Finance reported that BN.COM:
... will expand its reach via a content partnership between its online books and arts magazine, the Barnes & Noble Review, and, an award-winning news and entertainment website reaching more than 6 million unique users each month.

As part of the agreement, selected articles from the Barnes & Noble Review will be shared with on a daily basis ... will in turn share selected elements of its content on the Barnes & Noble Review site. All content will include links to corresponding information on both websites. Additionally, will include affiliate links to BN.COM, allowing its readers the opportunity to purchase books, eBooks and more from BN.COM.
Go here to read the entire Yahoo article.

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Kaz Augustin said...

Not really related, but apropos "announcements". Remember the assassination reviews of historians' books? And how Rachel Polonsky outed Orlando Figes who then went on to blame his wife who is with a leading human rights firm and then I said it had exceeded my daily quota of irony? Well ::deep breath:: it looks like Figes lied when he blamed his wife. It was him who penned the poisoned reviews all the time. Link is here:

via Aqueduct Press.