Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Only In Dallas

WFAA, ABC News' affiliate in Dallas, is agog this AM with news of two tigers seen roaming downtown Dallas.

Apparently a group of people ran into Union Station screaming there were tigers outside. A security guard looked outside and then called the police, confirming the sighting.

So far the Dallas Zoo has not responded to requests for a big cat headcount.

You may recall, the Dallas Zoo has had four escaped apes in the last eleven years.

I'd earlier heard that a film crew is due to start a shoot in downtown Dallas at 9 this morning.

Film crew versus tigers???

Update: The 7:30 AM news says it was two people who ran into Union Station and two security guards who confirmed the tiger sighting. The tigers are described as small--about fifty pounds each. That sounds more like someone's exotic pets than missing zoo tigers. I had wondered because the tigers would have had to cross a lot of concrete to get to Union Station from the Zoo while there are more woody areas in the other direction.


Jennifer said...


Just so you know . . .

The Dallas Zoo did respond to WFAA: Our tigers are and have been all present and accounted for and in fact that Dallas Zoo called the Dallas Police Department and offered its experts as support if there was indeed a tiger on the loose.

The Dallas Zoo has 4 tigers that weigh in around 300 lbs, not 50.

The Dallas Zoo suggested it was possible that what people may have seen was bobcats, which is what the Dallas Police Department has published in its crime report.

Maya Reynolds said...

Jennifer: Thanks so much for giving us the inside story. I appreciate your taking the time.