Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A New Color Nook?

Pay attention to the news today.

Last Thursday, CNET News reported here that they'd talked to a source who indicated Barnes & Noble would "unveil a new Android-based full-color touch-screen e-reader" today. The source claimed that the Nook Color would retail for $249.

On Friday Digital Trends announced here that "Engadget reports that “nookcolor.com” was purchased by Barnes & Noble in March." Digital Trends also indicated that "Though it’s running Android, the Nook Color won’t have all of the features of a full tablet like the iPad, but it will be half the price."

On Sunday, CNET News had a story here reporting that "a second tipster has alerted us to an image on Barnes & Noble's Web site that appears on a product page for the Nook Color Screen Film Kit, an accessory." The film is a protective cover for the glass screen on the Nook Color. The mock-up, which you can see on CNET News confirms the earlier source's story regarding a touchscreen device.

An Android device suggests an agreement between B&N and Google.

Stay tuned. The Nook "event" is scheduled for this afternoon.


David Roth said...

Why is it that every time I get a new toy (in this case, a SONY PRS-300 Pocket Reader) they come out with newer, faster, brighter, cooler toys?

Maya - I needed to get the thing because many of the authors I review are now sending me their books in e-book format rather than hard copy.

Maya Reynolds said...

Hey, David: Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

There will always be something "newer, faster, brighter and cooler." Enjoy your Sony.

Warm regards,